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Monday, February 22, 2010


Happy Monday!

I am going to show again the first synopsis of little "Lewis", posted earlier in this blog. However, at that time, the information we had was a few months old. I still tear up when I read his report of how much he wants his own family!

Today, I received an excellent updated report on him, and hope to have new pictures soon.
Just below is the original report. I will post today's update in a different font right below it.

thanks for caring!

3. Lewis was born on March 7, 2004, with inversion deformity of both lower limbs, left deflection deformity of left palm bone, as described by the Chinese physician.

This boy has touched everyone's heart that has seen him. The following was written by his caregivers...
He has strong character, loves singing, watching cartoon program, and likes to be praised and encouraged. He is kind, can share his food with other children. He wants a family and healthy body. He is afraid of being called the disabled boy. If someone says he has no leg, no mother, he would be angry, and not play with him/her.
Liming is clever and lovely. It is his great luck to be adopted by a loving foreign family and take therapy for his limbs. We hope he could have a happy family, recover soon, get good education, and grow up healthily. That is the hope of all of our staff.

New Update don on February 21st, 2010

Ou Li Ming, 85cm, 12.5kg, 48cm head, 54cm chest, 20 teeth.

1, He gets up around 6am, then wash face and brush teeth. Usually he has a piece of bread, some congee for breakfast. He likes to watch TV when he eats. He goes to school after breakfast. He has lunch around 11:30am. He usually eats rice with meat, egg and vegetable. Then he takes a nap. He has a snack time around 3pm with a piece of cake, a cup of milk. He is not picky at all. He has dinner at 6pm then goes to bed around 8pm. He can eat and drink by self. He will ask if he needs anything. He gets up once or twice during night to pee. If he needs to drink water, he will just go to get for himself. He likes to be pat when he sleeps. He knows to go to rest room by self with helping him to take the pant off. He poops once a day.

2, He can climb up and down stairs alone, play slide. He can hold the chair to go around. His right hand has full function and his left hand can help when it’s necessary. He can pack his school bag, open pencil box and hold pen.

3, He knows to call different people by age, he knows many animals, he can say many words, he can tell what he wants, he can communicate with people well, he can tell the size and colors. He likes to watch cartoon. He likes to sing with the TV, copy when Ad. says, he likes to play blocks.

4, He is very easy going, knows to share with other kids, likes to be praised.

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