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Mother Teresa

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Glimpse into the Older Kids Lives....

Saturday!!! Sleepin' in, pj's, a big pot of rice for lunch, housecleaning, girls with wild hair, getting ourselves together, our wonderful "Fellowship Bible Church Mosaic" family...(yes , we love Saturday night church), fast food after church, movies, messes. All part of this big, crazy family...and a weekend!

So many of you know our older kids, but have missed some of the joy and chaos of knowing our little ones.

Others of you are connected to us through our younger ones, and missed the blessings of knowing our older kids. Soo, I thought I would give a quick glimpse into each of them, so you can know all just a bit better...

Our Amy...whose middle name Rebecca, means "beloved", has always lived up to that! Genuine, with an engaging smile and gift of instant interaction with children, is now on a trip to Kenya, getting to practice those very gifts. She and Dad share a love of old books, and she and I share a love for antiques, and great romantic comedies. She is compassionate, adventuresome, and fun to be with. She graduated from Samford University in Birmingham and now lives there, serving with "Student Life", helping to create resources, and camping experiences for those that minister to youth and children. She has been an incredible example to our little girls.

Tyler was a little guy that loved to stay home and read books..over and over and over...but as he grew, we saw a young man that was intense and goal oriented. He took those gifts and they have carried him a long way. He graduated with honors from Vanderbilt, and ran SEC Cross Country for them all four years. He is passionate about helping disadvantaged people groups. His travels have taken him on a road trip to Alaska, a year living in China, learning Mandarin, crossing the Western China desert to the border of Afghanistan, and hiking about 2/3 of the Appalachian Trail by himself! He just completed his Master's degree in International Relations at the University of Melbourne and works in Australia now. Of course, we are hoping to entice him to come back to the good ole USA, 'cause he is the world's greatest "oldest brother"!

I used to whisper in Luke's ear to "always be generous with your love", and that is our Luke. Luke Loves Well. He gives the best hugs, and deeply cares about family and his many many friends. He has his degree from U of Alabama. Luke is talented, creative and eager to try new things. He has had many successes in New York City, as a young Theater Director...not an easy thing. We appreciate his desire to stay connected to extended family and each of his siblings...even if distance separates. He stretches us to "think outside the box" and we admire that. He is currently training for a marathon, "whew".

Jacob is a daily gift. He has overcome so many obstacles that some would consider disabilites. His connection with God is amazing, one the rest of us can only marvel at...sweet, so real, so expressed. Marvin and I often wonder, when we get to Heaven, how many of the passionate prayers that Jacob has offered made a huge difference to hundreds. If you have ever worshiped with Jacob or been a beneficiary of his prayers, you know exactly what I mean. He currently attends a non-traditional collegiate program and is loved by many.

More to come...and don't worry. We and each of the kids are far from perfect, whatever that is. We each can be self centered, goal centered instead of other centered, and each of us have our "idiosyncrasies" as my Dad used to say. But, we love each other in this big, busy, adventurous, diverse family!

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juls said...

What a lovely family you have. It is nice to see pictures of you and Marvin also. Thanks for sharing all your stories.