Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house. Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor... Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living expression of God's kindness; kindness in your face, kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.
Mother Teresa

Saturday, October 30, 2010


Tuesday, October 26, 2010

The China Center for Adoption Affairs (CCAA) has decided that the following Special Children may only be adopted through International Family Services. Please contact us for more information about a specific child or about adopting from China.

Before looking at the little ones shown below, please take a few moments to carefully read the following.

In this public page we are sharing only the briefest description of each child with one or two photos. If you are drawn to a particular child and wish to know more, please contact us for more details. We want you to learn more about these wonderful children so you can thoughtfully consider and pray and prepare yourself for the possibility of adopting.

In presenting children’s pictures and brief descriptions, we want to protect the children’s welfare so that their information is not going to be placed on inappropriate sites. Therefore, all information and content included on this site, including but not limited to text, graphics, logos, icons, images, audio clips, or digital downloads is the property of the owner, or in some cases, a shared list supplier. No one may modify, copy, distribute, transmit, display, publish, or sell any information from this website without the express written consent of International Family Services.

Qin, girl, 3 years

This beautiful little girl was born with no left hand. Her left arm has normal development to the wrist. Otherwise she is healthy and developmentally normal.

Her caregiver describes her as "active and bright, fond of music and being cuddled. She enjoys playing outside and being with other children."

For more photos, medical information, and guidance on whether this child might be a wise choice for you to adopt contact us today.

Xiao Xiu, boy, 3 years

This handsome guy was born prematurely to a mother with syphilis. He is completely cured of congenital syphilis and has no physical or medical complications from the disease or from the premature birth.

His caregivers say that he has a delightful personality and is very friendly and kind to other children. He is in excellent health and loves to play.

For more photos, medical information, and guidance on whether this child might be a wise choice for you to adopt contact us today.

Fen, girl, 2 years

Fen is a happy little girl who has a condition called Asymmetric crying facies (ACF.)

The neoreviews website has an abstract by Drs. Shapira and Borochowitz that describes this condition in these words, "Asymmetric crying facies refers to a neonate or infant whose face appears symmetric at rest and asymmetric during crying as the mouth is pulled downward on one side while not moving on the other side. It is a minor anomaly found in 1 per 160 live births..."

She is developmentally on target and is described by her caregivers as, "fair-skinned, quiet and cute."

For more photos, medical information, and guidance on whether this child might be a wise choice for you to adopt contact us today.

Yun, girl, 2 years

Yun is very active and her favorite acitivity is playing outside with the other children. She has a ready smile, laughs often, learns quickly, and can be a little bit stubborn.

She was hospitalized and had surgery for exstrophy of the bladder when she was one. She has recovered from the surgery with no apparent complications. Of course she will need to be examined thoroughly once she is home with her new family. But she seems to be doing great.

For more photos, medical information, and guidance on whether this child might be a wise choice for you to adopt contact us today.



This little one presents with a complicated medical report, but is being fostered and is reported to be doing very well. Our representative is in her province this week checking on her current status and we will report about her asap.

Thursday, October 21, 2010


PLEASE GO TO http://chinaadopt.weebly.com for contact information

Janey can walk alone quite steadily, go upstairs with hand against the wall, go downstairs with one hand held, use thumb and index finger deftly, pick up small things like beans with thumb and index finger, hold a pen with full hand and scribble and imitate drawing lines, take blocks out of a cup and then put them back in it, cover a bottle with its cap.

Her speical need is estrophy of her bladder.

Janey has special feeling about the caretakers and often smile at them, knows what “no” means, can say simple reduplicative such as “mama, baba, gege (brother), jiejie (sister), mama (scold)”, etc; able to call the name of a child who she knows “yaoyao”, knows that the money is used to buy things, can take the bowl and chopsticks when it’s time to have meal, knows to put on more clothes when it is a cold day, can respond to others’ asking for objects, cooperative when putting on clothes, knows how to zip, can point out the positions of eyes, nose and mouth, likes to listen to music and play toys and can understand when others call her name. Her favorite toy: musical toy.

Friday, October 15, 2010

i fell in love with adjectives as as young kid. i remember the teacher telling us we needed to write a describing story using our new found "modifying words". they captured me, had me nailed.

and good thing, because our life is full of them. rich with story words.

this weekend was no exception. we packed dictionary pages of adjectives into 3 days.

not intentionally planning to cram so much in, 'cause i am constantly in search of the yin and yang for our life.
ever trying to make sure we aren't turning 'busy but good things' into 'chaos with too much'.

... sorting out the "do your homework" moments with the need to "snuggle and just be" moments of life. sounding the orders for bedtime, while giving in to the"just one more times."

deciding whether to home in for the night, or open the house to a bunch of teens or college students...

the fill and deplete. the ongoing quest for balance.

and thankfully, though crazy busy, this weekend was one of good fill-ups.

it began with a parade through our homey downtown...with a generous dose of fall breeze and squealing kiddos scrambling after candy. all woven into the sounds of my favorite marching band as they ushered in the excitement...

and this fall has graced us with sunshiny Indian summer days and nights, where shadows fall long and the harmony of the melodic chords of a season change are all around.

then, following the usual hustle/hassle of the "suiting" of the son, Carter looked incredibly handsome as he escorted his date for the homecoming dance.

and I was not the only mom flashing camera apparel and lurking around bushes in order to get the right lighting for just the perfect picture story. sadly for the kids, there were several of us.
thankfully for the kids, they do love the pictures...

yep, a great guy , he is!

my miracle rose bush which i personally dug up the last roots of and scrapped two years ago,... came alive again this fall! and just as summer is a bit tardy this year in her exit , i am so grateful that these incredible roses are sharing that pace, gracing us a little longer with the beauty and scent only a rose can produce.

and my beautiful Astor was also a "mistake", planted with two breeds that so beautifully interwove together . again, thanks nature... for being our teacher.

but my most fun find of the fall has been my geese, whom Kylie and I oohed and ahhed and set all different ways until they were... well....just perfectly perched for their fall visit. welcoming onto our cozy porch all who would like to curl up and chat, brush a dog, read a book , or just enjoy the magic of autumn.

time is marked with pumpkin patch visits and i take them in with awe. beautiful growing up girls, with so much waterin' and growin' yet to do as they are becoming. but i soak up their "lovely", laugh with their goofy and fun natures, and their sisterness... as i watch a weaving of a bond as tight as they come.

and after all this goodness, we still had Sunday and Aunt Genelle's birthday in Sprio Oklahoma.

sprinkle in some cousins and sis in laws and warm family chatter with the kitchen crew. yep, it fills hearts with the sense of being a part of something bigger...family.

where grandson's proudly share the legacy of a treasured grandma.

and we can laugh with cuz, cuz he rolls his tongue when he concentrates....

where the little old church side yard becomes an instant game of football and grass stains.
and all the grandkids sneak around the little sanctuary ,peeking out of the baptismal and pretending to be the preacher man.

they laugh...and play, and take their turn in the family role of babysitter
and there is a sense of belong. a rich investment in their hearts.

and with the emotional good stuff of family comes all the food good stuff of family. enjoyed by all, especially the littles.

thank you aunt genelle and aunt charleen for sharing your birthdays with us! for giving us another chance to celebrate family.

nana , bro and sis n law, ray and linda, and neice kate followed us to our house where we still enjoyed the last bits of sunlight, and a beautiful sunset disappearing behind the lake across our street.

followed by more good food round our big table and hours of chatter and picture looking, as we about hyperventilated over the beauty of ray and linda's switzerland and germany trip.

and the girls wrapped up the weekend with a cup o' tea....

ours was allot. ours was good. we're that good kind of tired. hope you are too. blessings