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Mother Teresa

Friday, August 6, 2010


<"ALLIE"...a beautiful little girl whose remarkable destiny will merge soon with our little Quynh's ...and by remarkable...I mean really remarkable, super special, sweet fragrance only God can create and blossom to fullness."QUYNH">

I think it's one reason we "stay the course" with adoption work, even when policies change on a dime and it's seas grow rocky, and it's just plain...umm...hard.

'Cause ... when it is His idea, it is so evident and real and authentic, and woven with an intricacy we could never recreate. Each story unique and different and beautiful in its own way. I know I say it allot...but what a privilege to get to watch this happen...

A little background. We feel graced to have the best of the best physical therapy team for Quynh.

Kym and Angela have woven their way into our hearts , while creatively keeping Quynh "interested" in therapy through her mighty strong willed second year.

Kym's heart for adoption was apparent from day one, and we loved whenever we could engage in the story of she and her hubby Kevin's journey to their precious Myrah, who was born in the Ukraine.

Frequently, Kym and I rejoice together when God brings forth the forever family for one of "our kids" that Marvin and IFS are helping, or a child in the Ukraine benefits from Kym and her team's orphan ministry there.

And....it isn't unusual for pictures of waiting children to be on my computer screen when Kym comes over, and for me to tease Kym with the many photos that cross that screen.

...In only a way that God can do, He placed a stronger and stronger desire in she and Kevin's hearts to adopt again, this time a child from China, born with the special need of severely clubbed feet..

I will never forget the wee hours of the night that I showed Kym the picture of a stunning little girl that caught my eye and gripped me. As the photo and information crept onto her screen, I think Kym's heart leapt as well, and with encouragement from us, she awakened Kevin from sleep to get his 100% "YES". That little gal was the one!

Their adoption began shortly afterwards, and they are 2/3 the way through their wait for beautiful Allie (Meng Meng).
Allie and our Quynh are a couple of months different in age, and my wish, hope, goal, and great joy would be for them to become fast friends. If Moms can make it happen, this one will!

Our latest updates Allie showed her sporting this incredible "doo" and as a fun, surprise, therapy session treat, (whew) ...I tried my best to "recreate the alien doo" on Quynh. With the help of big sisters and "hard as rock gel", we came pretty close.

It was all worth it ! Kym and we were refreshed the way only laughter can do...and Quynh seemed to enjoy the levity too, and decided to walk with her lightest weight canes!

Enjoy the picture montage....



juls said...

Love the hair and love the kind words. You are awesome for all you and Marvin do!

Anonymous said...

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