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Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Henry a handsome, athletic little boy, was born June 14, 2008. I have some better pictures of him with a little hair:) He was born with congenital right cleft lip and palate Degree 3. His lip repair was done successfully on Nov. 28th, 2008 and it is likely that his palate has also been repaired. We should have updates and new pictures soon.

Lewis was born on March 7, 2004, with inversion deformity of both lower limbs, left deflection deformity of left palm bone, as described by the Chinese physician.
This boy has touched everyone's heart that has seen him. The following was written by his caregivers...
He has strong character, loves singing, watching cartoon program, and likes to be praised and encouraged. He is kind, can share his food with other children. He wants a family and healthy body. He is afraid of being called the disabled boy. If someone says he has no leg, no mother, he would be angry, and not play with him/her.
Liming is clever and lovely. It is his great luck to be adopted by a loving foreign family and take therapy for his limbs. We hope he could have a happy family, recover soon, get good education, and grow up healthily. That is the hope of all of our staff.

Cute Mark was born on May 15, 07. As you can see, he was born with bilateral cleft lip and palate. I speculate that his at least his lip closure has been done, but updates and new pictures will tell us. I have more pictures available of him and his great hair!

Matt is full of personality. He was born on June 4, 2006 with clubbed feet. Here is what his caregivers said of him when he was 18 months old.

He has equinovarus, but he is strong at gross motor. At the age of 6 months, he had a plaster cast to correct his varus. At the very beginning, he would cry for not adapting, but several days later, he could roll over with the plaster cast. He had the plaster cast for half a year. Now, he is being correct with crutch. He is very strong. Though he feels uncomfortable, he still is cooperative to take treatment. He can stand with the support of a crutch, can crawl about, roll over and play happily by himself.

He is not very articulate, but he is outgoing. Everyday wake up in the morning, he would greet the caretakers, and burble ceaselessly. He can call mother and aunt, and imitate pronouncing. He is good at imitating, and likes to sing a song with the caretakers. He can gurgle happily. When the caretaker calls him name, he would look around, and responds sometime with the sound of “ah”, and would crawl to the caretaker happily.

He likes to play hide-and-seek with the caretakers. He is fond of being held and playing games with him. He can clap his hands at singing and make the sound of “ah, ah”. He likes to clap the caretaker and make some action to pleas her. He can imitate other kids throwing the toy you give him. He is pleased at it.

The adaptability: he can drink milk with a glass, feed himself with cracker, and have a meal with a spoon under the direction. He likes to be praised and is cooperative at putting on clothes. Sometimes he can take off the socks. Cognitive ability: he is clever and can imitate pointing out the facial features following the caretaker. He likes to play hide-and-seek with the caretakers, covering his faces and the uncovered. He can point out the ear and mouth. He can put the toys into the box under the direction of the caretaker. He can ferrule and turn a book page under the direction of the caretaker.
He is cute and handsome. We hope he would receive the warmth of a home.

Clever John was born on Sept 17, 2006. He has been diagnosed with postoperative recessive rachischisis. I am trying to get updates on the severity of his condition , but he looks to be doing great in his pictures. John may also have Hep B, we are going to have further testing done.
Here is one definition I found on...rachischisis - a not uncommon congenital defect in which a vertebra is malformed; unless several vertebrae are affected or there is myelomeningocele there are few symptoms

Charlie was born on August 11, 20006, with lower limb discrepency. We can see the "shoe lift" that has been made for him in some of his pictures. Here is the latest report I have on him from his caregivers. "Wei Congzhong entered the foster family on Apr.3 2007, he has been in it for over a year so far, during which under the careful care and rehabilitative training of foster parents, little Zhongzhong who has unequal length of both legs has become a healthy and energetic little boy who can run and walk."

Samuel is a super handsome little guy. This picture doesn't do him justice. He was born on Feb. 15, 2008 with congenital left cleft lip and palate degree 3. I am awaiting more information on him, but we do have more pictures. As you can see, at least his lip repair has been done, and perhaps his palate by now as well.

Thanks for looking at these beautiful children with us. I would encourage you to click on the love without boundaries link and watch their 10 minute video on adopting a "special needs" child. It is TERRIFIC! PLEASE CONTACT US IF YOU OR ANYONE THAT YOU KNOW HAS INTEREST IN ANY OF THESE BOYS.

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